Son Martorellet, equestrian show of Menorcan horses
Breeding of Purebred Menorcan horses. Equestrian show to immerse the viewer in the culture of Menorca
Somni, equestrian show in Son Martorellet, Menorca
You’ll live a night of fantasy and colour, and get to immerse yourself in some of the legends and traditions of Menorca in a show that’s not just for horse lovers
Somni Premium
Somni Premium, exclusive access and guided tour for the show
Somni Premium offers you the opportunity to enter the world of the Purebred Menorcan horse with a guided tour of the stables.
Events, weddings and celebrations in Son Martorellet, Menorca
At Son Martorellet we offer 144,000 meters of land in one of the most emblematic estates in Menorca, considered the home of the Purebred Menorcan Horse
Horses for Sale
Horses for Sale, Son Martorellet, Menorca
Sale of Menorcan purebred horses and mares
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Purebred Menorcan horse and mare breeding farm in Menorca, equestrian shows, events and celebrations
Online sale of tickets for the Somni equestrian show in Menorca
Son Martorellet ticket sales for the Somni equestrian show. Book your ticket and enjoy the greatest show in Menorca